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A friend of mine on the net ------> Rodolfo Lagana' Home Page
A friend of mine on the net ------> Mario Giaquinto Home Page
Do you like soccer ? Click here ! ------> http://www.vol.it/RETE_/32/00002.html
Free your mind ! Fly in the space ------> http://www.stsci.edu
Are you not tall like Magic Johnson?Don't worry,be happy ----> http://www.nba.com
I've played all LucasArts games. And you? ------> http://www.lucasarts.com
Are you thirsty ? Click here ! ------> http://www.cocacola.com
Come into the universe with me ! ------> http://www.nasa.gov
I hope you're a S.S.C.Napoli fan like me ------> http://www.netway.it/~elio/napoli.htm

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