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Hello and welcome to my homepage. My name is Greg and I'm a 27 year old Funeral Director living in the Texas Panhandle.Yep, that's me and my 94 Kawasaki ZX-9R up in the picture. I made this page because when I was looking around for my first streetbike 4 years ago I wanted to see lotts of pictures of different kinds of bikes and hear some real opinions about the bikes by thier owners. If your in my area and interested in finding some twisties, gimme a hollar and we'll go wear down the sides a bit.

UPDATE!! I Have Traded My 9 Off For A 97 Suzuki TL1000. I Still Love The ZX-9 So I Will Keep This Page Up. I have finally taken some pics of the TL which are just below. I'll get a picture page and my personal thoughts on the TL on a page soon.

The TL1000 Site

On to Some Pictures

Here's the 9 just shortly after I got it December 96
Now Where Was That Turnoff
My Official Poster Picture.....Ahhh Well
On The Way Down From Near Vertical. I'll Be More Carefull Next Time!
Back Up Again! Weeeeee!!!
HEY!! My First Streetbike!!
Kicken Back After A Ride

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Hey, Didn't I See You At The WSB Races in Montery?

The Gang
Dan Has Joined Us
It's WAYYY To Early!!
Very Small Cup of Tar Along HWY 1


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Keep The Rubber Side Down and God Bless!!

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