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The 1950's were the golden age for the automotive industry, this was a time when things took a different turn and colors,shapes and body styles went wild. For this reason, I have chosen the classical 1950's cars as a hobby. I have a few cars and I love to talk about them drive them and work on them. I set up this web site to demonstrate and help others who have an interest in the old car hobby. If anyone needs help finding parts, cars or service needs they can email me at the bottom of the page and I can lend a helping hand. I myself am into Buicks and Cadillacs, all body styles. On this page there are some pictures of my cars which I have restored. Some have even won trophies at car shows, read their individual stories. At this point I own a 1955 Buick Century wagon(a rare car),a 1955 Buick Super Convertible, a 1955 Buick Century Convertible, a 1955 Buick Century 2dr hardtop, a 1955 Buick Century 4-dr hardtop with factory air conditioning and a 1958 Cadillac Coupe De Ville.

This is my first old car I bought it when I was sixteen in 1993 and fully restored it. I have won numerous trophy's with it at Buick car shows in Pasadena CALIFORNIA.

The wagon before restoration.

The convertible after full restoration.

The convertible before restoration.

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