Good Day to everyone! Here we are again! The last year has been a better one for the Knight Family. The Iraq rotation ended in February of 2004 and we have enjoyed a short period of stability. It is now February 2005 and many things have happened in the last year. Hopefully we can keep you abreast of all of it.

Secondly, I have gone back to work! Not for money, but more for experience. I now work closely with the U.S. Army in one of the family programs. I highly recommend checking out the Army Family Team Building program at your local level. If you can't, I recommend you go to the website!

Army Family Team Building

Welcome good traveller! As you step forth from the vast universe that is the internet, you have stumbled upon the humble household of the Knights. Within this site is purely fanciful, and personal links. If you wish to continue, please utilize the menu at the left.


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