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Hi everyone, I'm Ładybug. I do arts and crafts and decorate my home. I like to try different decorating techniques in my house. My latest are faux finishes. I get alot of my ideas from

Another favorite activity of mine is reading. I have a wide range of different kinds of books I like to read. I just finished reading a book by the name of "Link". It was rather interesting. It brought up some fascinating theories on the evolution of man. Take a gander at it. My favorite sci-fi author is Anne McCaffrey and her world of dragons, firelizards, and thread. There's a new Pern book due out any time now. It's called The Skies of Pern. Anne's son also wrote a book. It's about Anne's life and how she came to write the Pern series. It's called Dragon Hold.One of my favorite horror writers is Stephen King. At Stephen Kings website you can down load his e-book The Plant.I started reading Piers Anthony's "Mode" series. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find "Chaos Mode" so I don't know how it ends. Does anyone know where I can find it. My public library doesn't even carry it.

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One of my favorite musicians is Garth Brooks. I especially enjoy his television shows. Watching him in action is truely tiring. He has so much energy. Hopefully, you will enjoy the midi's that I have here.

At 36 I started back to school to become an accountant. It's a lot of work, but I am enjoying it. I've learn some interesting things and met some wonderful people. I am working on my AA and next spring I plan to transfer to one of the Stetson Univerisity.


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