Rosemont Middle School

"A National Blue Ribbon School"

4725 Rosemont Avenue, La Crescenta, California 91214

(818) 248-4224

FAX: (818) 248-3790

To Report an Absence: (818) 248-6052 [24 hour line]


Voice Mail: (818) 568-4790 [24 hour line]




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1995-96 Student Awards




Rosemont News


Calendar of Events, dates for finals:

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Rosemont's Staff


Rosemont, a Nationally Distinguished, Blue Ribbon school, could not be what

it is today without the expertise of Rosemont's devoted and willing staff.

At Rosemont, our staff is the definition of our motto, "Honor, Excellence,

and Pride". We would all like to give a special thanks to all of Rosemont's





Mrs. Marilyn Angier Skills for Adolescence7

Mr. Mike Anker Social Studies7

Mr. Ric Baglione Science8

Mrs. Donna Beard PE, Computers7,8

Mrs. Margie Billings English, Newspaper7

Mrs. Jan Boudreau Math8

Ms. Allison Campanelli PE7,8

Mr. Bob Chappell PE7,8

Ms. Chris Collins-Cross Special Ed.8

Ms. Joanne D'Abusco Science8

Mr. Bob Edwards Math8

Ms. Carolyn Emmons English, ESL8

Mr. John Fox English8

Mrs. Sue Fuelling English8

Mrs. Carole Gilmer Science8

Mrs. Carol Greene Art, Yearbook7,8

Ms. Michelle Guire Math7

Mrs. Linda Hagan English7

Ms. Marta Hedlund PE7,8

Mrs. Joan Kelly English8

Mrs. Judy Kim Science8

Mrs. Debbie Koegler Food, Clothing, Home Ec.7,8

Mrs. Anne LaVoie Drama8

Mr. Jon Love History 

Mr. Randy MacLaren Social Studies, Special Education7

Ms. Marga Madhuri English7

Mrs. Laura Martin Math 

Mrs. Ramona Mock Special Education7

Mrs. Sheri Morton Skills for Adolescence, English7

Mrs. Sally Myles ESL, Bridges, English7,8

Mr. Terry Parker Wood Shop, Metal Shop7,8

Ms. Carol Peters Social Studies7,8

Mr. Frank Reuss Photography, Drafting, Visual Communications7,8

Mrs. Ellen Reynolds Math8

Mrs. Laura Rivera Spanish, French7,8

Mrs. Mary Sambar US History8

Mr. Bill Sanderl US History8

Mrs. Stephanie Shambaugh Social Studies7

Mr. Jack Silberstein Math7

Miss Carol Skinner English7

Mrs. Ruth Squires History8

Ms. Elin Terrazone Science7

Ms. Jeannette Vogel History8

Mr. Craig Weber Math7

Ms. Krista Weismair World History7

Mr. Michael Wolf Special Ed, SDC 

Mr. Rod Yonkers Band, Chorus7,8




Mr. Jerry Watson Principal

Mr. Ron Sowers Asst. Principal 7th

Mrs. Ann Amrhein Asst. Principal 8th

Mrs. Sherry Stockhamer Counselor, 7th

Mr. Paul Gillespie Counselor, 8th

Mr. Robert Kelly At-Risk Counselor

Ms. Jeannette Vogal At-Risk Counselor

Mrs. Kathie Hagen Senior Administrative Secretary, Main Office

Mrs. Paula Mahoney Secretary, Main Office

Ms. Olga Peerali Secretary, Counseling Office

Ms. Georgia Katelanis Psychologist

Mrs. Adele Wolfe Speech Therapist

Deputy Kyle Bisteline Resource Officer

Mrs. Carol Kearns Attendance

Mrs. Tina Fowler Attendance

Mrs. Susan Stefan Health Clerk

Mrs. Sheri Robinson Librarian

Ms. Khris Tovar Finance

Mrs. Elena Salvador Site Custodian, Days

Mr. Emilio Zanelli Site Custodian, Evenings

Mrs. Ana Wible Cafeteria Supervisor


Support Staff

Mrs. Angela Yi Bilingual Education Assistant

Mrs. Sharion Carver Special Education Assistant

Mrs. Marilyn Sparks Special Education Assistant




Students of the Month


April 1996


Marlene Mathevostan

Mauricio Santana

Peter Roessler

Steve Depue

Anne Hale

Robin Diana

Kevin Moore

Jennifer Voder

Wes Morrow

Matt Childs

Kasey Reinhard

Whitney Woolever

Steve Childs

Teodora Aydin

Nicole Golden

Amanda Peterson

Lorie Luciano

Lilit Garabekyan

Natalie Stephens

Sarah Stephens

Danyane Pontel

Raheleh Moaddab

Eric McClenahn

Violet Robles

Paul Kim

Melissa Morris

Deborah Kim

Lisa Aghai

Veronica Kim

Dustin Kuss

Rodney Younany

Ana Kaczmarek




Mrs. Gilmer's Class Student Work




Student Awards

1995 - 1996


Welcome / Flag Salute Introduction of Special Guests

Wendy Bingham, CJSF President Mr. Jerry Watson, Principal

Message from the Board Recognition Awards

Mrs. Jeanne Bentley, President, BoardMrs. Ann Amrhein, Asst. Principal


Spelling Bee  

Christine Moon School Champion


Pamela Law 1st Place 8th Grade

Christine Moon 2nd Place 8th Grade

Peter Guttenberg 3rd Place 8th Grade


Melissa La Joice 1st Place 7th Grade

Ted Kim 2nd Place 7th Grade

Erick Kim 3rd Place 7th Grade


Poetry Contest  

Michael Puangmalai 1st Place

James Jenkins 2nd Place

Ana Kaczmarek 3rd Place

Rachel Myles Honorable Mention

Christine Cho Honorable Mention

James Kim Honorable Mention

Anita Lee Honorable Mention


NCTE Promising Young Writers

Tori Fowler

Anita Hovanissian


Museum of Tolerance Contest  


Tabitha Steele Middle School, 1st Place, "The Courage to



Daughters of the American Revolution 

Kaylynn Callister Home Economics

Justina Gardner History

Jonathan Young Citizenship


California Math League Awards 

7th Grade Team 8th Grade Team

Ryoichi Teramoto Wesley Morrow

Brian Hiller Tania Daneshvar

Brian Shim Jina Kim

Samantha Lawler James Kim

Joseph Lipson Jang Lee

Kathryn Christensen Patrick Chun


American Junior High Math Exam      

Tania Daneshvar 1stRyoichi Teramoto 2nd

Jill Cohen 2ndAnita Hovanissian 3rd

Richard Fernicola 2ndPamela Law 3rd

Wesley Morrow 2ndMarie Peters 3rd

Keith Rozet 2ndSanarin Prasertsit 3rd


Spartan Scroll Recognitions 

Fabiola Lao Brian Landisi


All Southern California Honors Orchestra and Band Recognition

Yujin Yi - Cello

Jina Kim - Violin

Jenny Kim - Flute


Honors Orchestra Recognition  

Shella Allameh Darren Bloom

Eugenia Chong Rachel Dunham

Gavin Kim Jina Kim

Gil Lee John Shin

Mehan Wager Yujin Yi

Sarah Brady Gene Cho

Jina Kang David Kim

Anna Kim Samantha Lawler

Leonard Shin Jennifer Son


Honors Band Recognition  

Payim Abadarbashi David Barnett

Patrick Chun Tania Daneshvar

Amy Ha Kevin Hom

Jenny Kim Fabiola Lao

Pamela Law Caroline Lee

Dennis Lee Steve Lee

Chick Mahoney Carl Mancuso

Mele Misi Christine Moon

Wes Morrow Alex Pai

Gina Pak John Rivera

Alice Shin Julianne Thongma

Thatcher Thornburg-GellmanJennifer Tsao

Jaisha Wray Jeanny Yang

David Yi  


Solo Finalists  

Jina Kim - Violin Jeanny Kim - Flute

Jennifer Son - PianoGil Lee - Cello




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