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Welcome to this homepage which is, in the main, regarding links to websites on spirituality, particularly Catholic Christian spirituality.

God Our Father,
Help us to hear Your Son.
Enlighten us with Your Word,
that we may find the way to Your Glory.


Opening prayer for the
2nd Sunday of Lent.



From the time of Adam, God has spoken to His saints and prophets throughvisions, dreams, and inner voices...

Associations, Clubs and Organizations.

Many Catholic Christian Associations, Clubs, Organizations and Societies thrive under the mantle of the Church. Here are several of those available on the net.

Catholic Resources

There are plenty of sites dealing with Catholic Resources in the internet. Here are some of the better ones.

Christian Education

Links to websites on Christian Education.

Christian Miscellany

An assortment of other Christian links in the net. In theory, anything good under the stars, regardless of color, can come in here, as long as it is relevant to the Catholic Christian Church and cannot be readily included in the other pages in this website.


Archdioceses, dioceses, cathedrals, churches, chapels are listed in this webpage reflecting the rich diversity, universality and unity of Holy Mother Church on this earth.

Holy Cross.

Through the cross, Jesus triumphs over death... .

Information, magazines and news.

Netsites on information and news on Catholic Christian activities..

Marian Pages

Personal Homepages


Websites dedicated to prayers.

Quotable SpiritualQuotes

Powerful quotes from the Holy Bible, the Saints and others. Try to live them.

To date, the quotes are taken from:

Updated regularly.

Quotable Spiritual Quotes (Categorized)

The quotes from Quotable Spiritual Quotes arranged and listed under various categories including:

Updated regularly.

The way of the cross is
the one leading to God.

- St. John Bosco.

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    Launched on 14 September 1996: Feastday of the Triumph of the Cross.

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