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Greetings visitor nr and welcome to my humble lair.
This is the path to the Dark Portal that leads beyond...

This is my homepage, wether you like it or not. It's my first so if you have any complaints: BURN IN HELL!
I will update it as frequently as possible for your pleasure. For now I don't know what to do with my homepage so please give me comments! Send comments or maby pictures that you want me to place on my homepage. By for now!

Now a little about what I am playing. I mostly play adventure and strategy games. I'm currently playing Diablo. I've played both the original version of Warcraft II and Dark Portal so if you want to ask me anything about strategy in Warcraft II you can e-mail me. I have recieved Diablo full version and I am now playing on Battle Net so: "I'll se you in hell pal!"

Now don't go get me wrong.My whole life isn't just computers. I just think that my private life isn't so interesting for netsurfers. But if you are one of those weird people who takes a big interest in other peoples life I can tell you a little: I am 17 years old and I am studying science at Jenny Nyström in Kalmar, Sweden

Links und Rechts

Here are both some funny and serious links that i visit often!
(Disclaimer: I don't have any responsibility of any material on the following pages. Some of these links may contain nudity.)

Carrie Westcott (the girl to the left)

A VERY good Diablo page

Vote for a babe at Babeland


Download Games

Well known girls

Download Mirc


How to write a homepage

Star Wars


Play Red Alert on Internet

Major Search Page

Home of the Diablo clan Seanchan

Gamle Gotlands Homepage

Squirrels Home Tree

The Farseer Site

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If you don't like my links , find your own!


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