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Parasite Eve Special May9th,1998

Square Misc..

  • Einhander was released a couple of days ago. It should be available in all stores nationwide by now. The Final Fantasy CG movie that is currently being produced may have the momentum to push it into making a game based on itself. Square and EA develop an agreement for EA to bring several Square titles to US shores.

    Bandai's concerto

  • With the so-called 'dissapointment" games by Bandai in the past, they might have found a title that will dig them out. Tale Concerto, called in Japan may be finding it's way to the states. No dates were confirmed. Keep you posted on the details.

     By: Akira Toriyama Square's soft release dates.

  • First, lets start off with the Software to be released in the states. With Parasite Eve, Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon, and Einhander looming just around the corner, Square's next RPG, SaGa Frontier comes into focus. Now with the titles in Japan... Parasite Eve has been delayed 10 days to March 29th. Bushido Blade 2 coming out today, and Final Fantasy V PS coming out on the 19th.

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