Welcome to my little (ok so it's not so little) page on the web.  I live in a small town in S.W. Georgia and I love it here...Sure it's kinda boring at times, but I love my job, my home, and the smaller town life.  I am a Quality Control Manager in aircraft manufacturing by day, and a toy fanatic and tinkerer on nights /weekends.  I love Mustangs, currently own a 1996 Saleen S-281 supercharged and a 94 GT that is my grocery getter, And I also enjoy toolin around in my 04 F150 FX4.   I always have a couple of car projects going , love to go 4 wheeling and getting muddy.  I love listening to music, and I'm an audio fanatic, including dabbling in loudspeaker design and construction, car audio, home theater.    This page is intended to give you a little insight about me and what I enjoy.  
    Just looking for gay men in the area who enjoy being men and hanging out....Not looking for the hook up or the one night stand, I got's a boyfriend/husband, Derek.  I really consider myself extremely lucky to have found someone who can put up with my ass, and is as butch as me!  He's a tech at a Chevrolet dealer and has a true love for Turbocharged AWD Eagle Talons.  He used to race 4 wheelers on the Georgia flat track circuit and is now into Ice racing in the World of Ice Racing Championship, it actually scares me to watch, but I remember being 21 and indistructable as well!   Although we're many years apart in age, we get along great, and I wouldn't change a thing.   Anyhow...enough babbling, feel free to look around and drop me a line.
Here's my schweetie Derek!  3.5years together January 2004...and I still think he's awsome!   Absolutely one of the most thoughtful people you'll ever meet and he's a doll.
02-22-02 Derek in Tampa at the Ice Palace competing in the World Ice Racing Championship....2nd place overall....
.....AND it was his first time racing on ice!
Me posing with the Saleen and the Camaro