The Turtle Island Worm Band

       "The worm symbolizes transformation.  If the humble caterpillar
                can change into a beautiful butterfly, so can humankind
                through belief in the Great Spirit, shed their former
                selves and become new creations."         
                Buddy 'Silverwolf' Cannon, Choctaw Medicine Man

              The Turtle Island Worm Band is a way of life based
        on respect for self, others and our universe.  This enables
        us to love, achieve inner peace, and live in harmony with
        all around us.  We are a group of people from many
        nations and many beliefs.

           The Turtle Island Worm Band is not an institution,
        but is a group of individuals who have bonded into a
        Spiritual Community supported only by its participants
        with: food, offerings, work, cooking, and clean-up.

           There is no charge except for certain workshops.  This
        band became a reality by honoring the centuries old 
        tradition of "Give-away"...where building materials, chairs,
        money, and other goods were used to establish a spiritual
        gathering place.  It was founded on the belief that our
        purpose is to help each other.

                    Only the Great Spirit is superior.
          We have no inferiors, are dependent upon all else to exist.
              To believe and to practice this, is to achieve peace.
   Artwork thanks to Connie Seaborn-Cherokee, whose works can be found
        on display at Trophies of Honor

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We are people of all nations and all tribes. We choose to live the 'way of life', Tafunka. We will be adding information about the Worm Band and our way of life, as time goes by. Please feel free to comment on and make suggestions about this page and I will try to answer everyone as soon as possible.

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This page maintained by Deborah DeLong who will always try to keep it the way Silverwolf and the Great Spirit would wish.

Mitakuye Oyasin

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